About F.L.F.S.R.

Hello, Friend. Tell me something…does this sound familiar? “Oh my goodness, (insert friend’s name). I made this (insert description of dish). It’s amazing and really easy to make. I’ll send you the recipe.” Or, “Hello, (insert friend’s name). I saw that photo you posted on (insert social media platform). Can you send me the recipe?” Or, “Hi, (insert friend’s name)! I’m going to the grocery store and in need of dinner ideas. Try any good recipes lately?”

Well hound no more, my Friends, because Friends Let Friends Share Recipes is a shared hub and the ultimate resource for already-friend-tested-and-approved ridiculously awesome tasting recipes! While many (or even most) may not be original, your friends have searched high and low for the best recipes and will now share with added tips on what can make them even greater!  So poke around, make something that you think looks good, and then share (comment) your thoughts about the process and finished product! Also, did you make something worth passing along? Come on, share it with us! Because after all, sharing is most definitely caring.


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